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she looks like the real thing

my fake plastic love

intastella burst
, 2008 elections, alanis morissette, algernon moncrieff, anna popplewell, arthur/merlin/morgana/gwen, as if you could, atonement, being criminally insane, betty draper, blond hair and books, briticisms, caspian/susan, chocolate frozen yogurt, christianity, claire danes, coffee-and-newspaper = bliss, coldplay, cooking, cor & corin's hijinks, crack!fic, creating-love-triangles-where-none-exist, crying, darn you to heck, dean winchester, dean/castiel, death cab for cutie, desmond/penny, disestablishmentarianism, don draper, don/betty, eastern european guys, ed recovery, edmund pevensie, edmund/caspian, edmund/torch, ednos, eowyn/aragorn, extreme miniature golf, extremely obscure ships, fangirling, frightened rabbit, gmail - inbox (1), harry potter, harry potter for president, heathcliff, hip to my jive, history, hopeless romanticism, i'm-not-crazy-i'm-just-a-little-unwell, ice cream, infj, jack shephard, jack/desmond, jack/juliet, jack/kate, james ford, jasper/bella, jo harvelle, jo/dean, jo/laurie, juliet burke, juliet/everyone, kate/sayid, lord of the rings, lucy/caspian, miss prism/rev. chasuble, misunderestimation, muse, narnia, no doubt, peggy olson, pete campbell, pete/peggy, piano, pilates, politically independent, politics, psychology, queen, radiohead, rainy days, reading, regina spektor, remus/sirius, sam winchester, sam/castiel, sam/dean, sammy!!!!!, sawyer/juliet, schizophrenia, skandar keynes, slashing everything that moves, sleeping, smexy british accents, snow patrol, stardust, stars, sun/jack, supernatural, susan/aravis, team free will, there's-no-place-like-london, those wicked eyes, twifail, will you marry me, within temptation, writing, you are a mouse, you can't touch this